SET-96 S.A, which belongs to the group of SATTEX 81 S.A, was founded on 1996 to complement in the segment of stamping, as SATTEX 81 in his moment were only textile dyes and finishing’s.

Due to the success of the stamping by rotary, since 2015 and according to the company policy of always being innovating, digital stamping was introduced initially with a small reagent machine until now that the company has 3 reagent machines: one for samples, another for little productions and the last one for high productions. At the same time we also have a fourth machine, a direct scattering one (no transfer of paper), which gives us a quality on polyester that is impossible to get with the transfer of paper.

The goal of SET 96 S.A it’s not only about have latest generation machinery, but with our compromise to offer the best service, starting with the commercial area, who advises you about all the possibilities that can be done on the textiles offered by our customers. We also got our own drawing department, who also advises, informs and supports all doubts that may arise about the drawings received. Finally, the human team that makes possible that all is done with compromise and effectiveness.